Nights Hard

by James Piehl

Night's hard on the floor
in Brooklyn

Long after we took it
in deep hits and a rococo rattle
colored the room
lit up
by blazing Christmas

Long after the flautas
at La Margarita
and too many rum runners
ran me down
under a bottled Baja Luna

Long after we started
in the middle of Spring
and went down
to where it was Bleecker

After we missed the band
Long after the cover
and five dollar Bud Lights
it was a warm New York
eve in the dead of December

I watch these shadows
move the dark
and wait for the moon
to splash some light wonder
like white gold
for me to buy you
the private side of the universe
I know you deserve

But beside you
and your faint breath
I am surprisingly at ease
with all of my inadequacies

James Piehl's picture

James is a poet from Massachusetts. He has a journalism degree from UMass Amherst with a concentration in english. He has been writing since his junior year of high school and thoroughly loves poetry.

Last updated September 15, 2011