In The Louvre

by Harriet Monroe

Harriet Monroe

Queen Karomana, slim you stand,
In bronze with little flecks of gold-
Queen Karomana.
O royal lady, lift your hand,
Shatter the stone museum cold,
Queen Karomana.
The wide Nile sleeps, the desert stings
With color. Shake your tresses free,
Queen Karomana !
The sleepy lotus shines and swings-
Loose your bound limbs and sail with me
In a smooth shallop to the sea,
Queen Karomana!
Queen Karomana, still so mute,
So delicate, yet cold as snow,
Queen Karomana?
An ice-wind, boldly resolute,
Rippled your thin robe long ago,
And froze you into bronze-I know-
But left your garment's flecks of gold
And the slim grace men loved of old,
Queen Karomana!

Last updated January 14, 2019