by Harriet Monroe

Harriet Monroe

My little one, sleep softly
Among the toys and flowers.
Sleep softly, O my first-born son,
Through all the long dark hours.
And if you waken far away
I shall be wandering too.
If far away you run and play
My heart must follow you.
Sleep softly, O my baby,
And smile down in your sleep.
Here are red rose-buds for your bed-
Smile, and I will not weep.
We made our pledge-you had no fear;
What then to fear have I?
Though long you sleep, I shall be near;
So hush-we must not cry.
Sleep softly, dear one, softly-
They cannot part us now;
Forever rest here on my breast,
My kiss upon your brow.
What though they hide a little grave
With dream-flowers false or true?
What difference? We will just be brave
Together-I and you.

Last updated January 14, 2019