A Ballade Of Roses

by Hugh McCulloch

Hugh McCulloch

HID my heart in a nest of roses
Far from the glare of the midsummer skies, —
There where the humble-bee drowsily dozes.
There where the perfumed breezes rise.
And I said : ''As long as the humming-bird flies

Ceaselessly over thee, O my heart,
From all the lures that the love-god tries.
Forever and ever secure thou art."

And safe it lay as a leaf that reposes

On the river's breast when the twilight dies ;
And still it was as a flower that grows is

As a lily that cool in the water lies.
And never a foe came there to surprise

The fortress wherein I hid my heart ;
And I said : ''Of mortals I am most wise :

Forever and ever secure thou art"


But the queen of the flowers in the garden-closes,

The maiden with mystical, wonderful eyes.
Whom a wall of scomfulness aye encloses,

Safe from all lover's prayers and sighs —
She for whom never a love may suffice

Out of its fortress drew my heart ;
And yet I say on, in braggart-wise,

*' Forever and ever secure thou art."

Last updated August 24, 2017