Flights of Loving Peace

Flights of love from inner Peace that flows
White doves that passes by from the above
Flapping endlessly thus its feathered wings
As they would fly through the skies singing
Praising their enchanted songs of emotions
As their tune echoed their luscious devotions
Fly relentlessly, Ohh.. precious birds of the sky
As you would fly those alien lands unknowingly
Spreading the seeds of life to the earth lovingly
Fear not for the birds of prey from seizing you
You best be on your way as the message is true
Journey into the distance land from near and far
Cover those wide space to fill vacant hearts ajar
Flow your zephyr wings as gentle as your breath
Until the gifts of love you carry along bequeaths
Your flights will long be remembered as you cease to be
The seeds of life you sow will nourish the Garden of eve

Last updated April 09, 2011