Sacred Bell of Peace

War has been
And will continue to be
All that it ever was, was war
Unless men could search deeply
For 'World Peace and Stability'
War has not been anything but a tragedy
The darkest of blasphemy in any given history
For all that were ever lost, were men and limbs
Disharmonious conceptions, as they were deemed
The Family of loved one, would bear greater sorrows
Loved ones had perished, as there was no tomorrow
Men to have fought the endless war, for all the hatreds
The human soul would forever be lost, for what was sacred
Useless was the rope for loving peace, to tie the endless knots
Crimes of war lingers, despite the bell of peace, that men had forgot
Time to renew unwarranted souls, to redeem back, those that were lost
Sacred bell of compassionate tones awaits, in the midst of men's hearted frost

Last updated April 09, 2011