My Dreams

Edible concoctions, delicious experiments,
My dreams produce everything.
Veritable stories, touching poetry,
My dreams help me to create.
Capitulating problems, ample knowledge,
My dreams take me places.
Lucrative dreams, promising future,
My dreams support me.
Amiable acquaintances, trustworthy friends,
My dreams are untouchable.
Jaunty attributes, disarming smile,
My dreams are real.
Happy transitions, sunny disposition,
My dreams are me!

Kephiyrah Etienne's picture

I am a nice person who loves to laugh and to joke around. It has often been told to me that I am sarcastic but I think that it's just that I see things logically. I love to travel. I love to cook. And I mean absolutely looove to cook! I love to read and write short stories and poetry. Especially poetry. I was named as the top teen poet in the Bahamas in 2008 by the Commonwealth Writers of the Bahamas. Ever since then I have been a Junior Writer of the Bahamas. Despite all of the writing my ultimate goal in life is to be like Chef Bobby Flay. That man is my idol. My goal is to become an Executive Chef because I live to cook. I love to experiment with baking as well.....I love to swim especially if it is the clean waters of my beautiful country of the Bahamas...My best friends are Dorsey, Nata and Sasha....Yea so that's basically me!

Last updated August 08, 2015