Immediate Idee Fixes and Phobias (Sonnet 1)

by Jesus Chameleon

Bizarre mania, you’re a bee in one’s bonnet, a quit thing
This idée fixe on a certain band is boyish and a dead hobbyhorse
It might just last until spring
For this genre, let no one know I was only engaged in friendly intercourse!

Consuming passion, only one thing ruled your boyish hearts
Ruling passion, consuming fire of love, you forced an indulging fame
A bag of corn chip and ala Carte
It was for the want of these and escaping the blame.

But you crazed intruder what neurosis your immediacy brought and so soon
Social media infatuated our compulsive intake valve and you were at the height of the hang-up
Was it more like a spoon or did we feel like buffoons!
The abode of fashion and luxury left the soul bankrupt.

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Jesus Chameleon is the nom de plume of an avant-garde poet, a new poet, and an American poet whose work has been scrutinized by the Poetry Society of America (PSA) and the Academy of American Poets. This Catholic author's first book of unpublished poetry entitled, Friending (A Collection of Poems) was selected by Paul Aflague Blas and accepted for consideration, but did not win one of the 2011 PSA National Chapbook Fellowships, a prestigious annual PSA poetry competition. The same chapbook was reviewed for the Walt Whitman Award. Related links for Jesus Chameleon include: FB (Jesus Chameleon),; Myspace,; Twitters,; and, a Website,

Last updated September 04, 2015