Jagged Flesh That Carries A River

Jagged flesh that carries a river of sauntered
Melodies so rich with the strife of driven beings,
My song is your cavity,
And your dance is my rain that saturates my feverish
Palate with that salt from my burning tears.
Mystic flame that guides me on my quest for knowledge,
I thirst for my peaches that cling to your tree.
I want to dapple in the rhythms of thunder,
And push through the frozen fluff that serenades
Our troubled sky.
I wish to banter through steel doors
Of the phantom’s blind horizon,
So the trespassers shall weep when my blood is shed,
And washes clean the sins of the lavished and strewn.
I come to share with you the secrets of tomorrow
Where perils brew inside caustic minds
After the forgotten are withdrawn into themselves,
Trapped inside the prisons of their molten visions.
I shall be the remnants that provide a haven for lost souls
That have been shaken by the bulls whip.
For I shall crack the earth with my razor that has become
My voice during these seething hours.
I shall forage through the fire,
And breathe life into the masses that assemble themselves
Before God; therefore, their milky spirits shall converge
With the liquid gold that surrounds my emblazoned eyes.

Joanna Maharis

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Joanna Maharis hails from Kalamazoo, MI, USA. She is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a BA degree in English, history, and creative writing.

Last updated May 07, 2011