The Trapper's Sweetheart

by John Vance Cheney

John Vance Cheney

Wide awake, now, mind your eye,

She will think on 't by and by;

She will see — perhaps — she may,

'Gin to-morrer, not to-day.

" Be true to me,

Furgit, " says she,

Jest as it may hit her fancy:

That 's it zackly, that is Nancy.

Take a squirrel up a tree,

Jest so frisky, sir, is she:

Now on this side, now on that,

You must watch her like a cat.

It 's " No, " it's " Yes,

I rather guess, " —

Jest as it may tech her fancy:

That's it zackly, that is Nancy.

You 've seen creeturs sudding lame,

Git too near 'em, an' — they 're game!

Her right over: an inch too near,

Up and off is Nancy dear.

" Yes, Jake, " says she,

" Laws sake! " says she,

Jest accordin' to her fancy:

That's it zackly, that is Nancy.

Whew! a gal 's a cunnin' thing;

You must take 'em on the wing. —

I 'll be goin'; fur, ye see,

Nancy, she's expectin' me.

I 'll hit or miss her,

It 's quit or kiss her;

I 'm fur facts, while she 's fur fancy:

That 's us zackly — me and Nancy.

Last updated September 07, 2017