A Changing World

Im worried for the world
Scared it will come to an end
The terrible Things we do
Will bring us to our end
I can see the changes
We've already bestowed upon Earth
Over industralization
AIDS infected birth
Global warming is around the corner
Catastrophes Everyday
Wars over black gold
This just isnt the way
What can we do to change?
how can we better this place?
the fate of mankind
Will Vanish without a trace
I've seen the future
The end is near
No life tomorrow
Is my biggest fear


Jonathan A Driscoll's picture

My name is Jonathan Driscoll. I write because i simply love to. My favorite poets are Shel Silverstein and Robert Frost; although, i credit many other poets. Poetry is a way for me to escape reality. It is the methaporical exit I look for. I love to write about love, the world as I and others perceive it, and fun kid stuff. I hope to be among the greats someday!

Last updated February 01, 2013