Forgive and Forget

The training of the mind
To forgive and forget
Is not an easy task
Its like coming to the edge of a cliff
And at the last moment
Your stomach persuades your thoughts
To not trust the temptation
Making yourself believe
That nothing can hurt you
may stir up more fears
filling you with only more "what-ifs"
To simply give release
Of negative hestation
Streams your thoughts with doubt
But if you can induce your mind
Into caring and doing more for others
Than you do yourself
You will be able to see the good in people
Even if they cant see it themselves
Then letting go of fearing heart break
Is just like getting over the first Leap


Jonathan A Driscoll's picture

My name is Jonathan Driscoll. I write because i simply love to. My favorite poets are Shel Silverstein and Robert Frost; although, i credit many other poets. Poetry is a way for me to escape reality. It is the methaporical exit I look for. I love to write about love, the world as I and others perceive it, and fun kid stuff. I hope to be among the greats someday!

Last updated February 01, 2013