A Long Way from Dreamland

As a little boy
I dreamt i could fly to the moon
be anything i want
With no hesistation,
Inside my imagination There were no rules
no set Guidelines That i must obey, or else!
I could go anywhere
Explore any place.
But as years grew longer
I realized, i am a long way from "dreamland"
somewhere along the way to "happy ending"
I got seriously lost,
confused and running out of time
I am no longer the little boy
chasing after false hope
I am now a man
Struggling to accept the fact
That i am acheiving other mens goals
Like the worker bee
I too am the muscle
Now suddenly i realize
I am not the hero
Saving the day flying out into the sunset
I am a peanut
Squashed into a burlap sack
Filled with other peanuts
I will eventually get eaten
Hopes and dreams Shattered Away
Now as a man
I dream reality


Jonathan A Driscoll's picture

My name is Jonathan Driscoll. I write because i simply love to. My favorite poets are Shel Silverstein and Robert Frost; although, i credit many other poets. Poetry is a way for me to escape reality. It is the methaporical exit I look for. I love to write about love, the world as I and others perceive it, and fun kid stuff. I hope to be among the greats someday!

Last updated February 01, 2013