The Blue's Writes a Letter

by J.T. Carlman

Dear woman or man who’s held my hand,
How are you? It’s been awhile since we’ve talked.

Darlings please be listen’n to the letter I’m submitt’n
because it be in regards to how we have fought.

You called me The Blues when love was refused
we sang together, a poor person’s song.

But now I feel used, a fool that’s excused,
because you’ve ran to the arms of a drug.

What happened to the Blues, to a heart mending tune?
for the things you now medicate and numb?

If you had some respect, for the love that we kept
these wouldn’t be the things that you’d done.

Now I ain’t denying the comfort your finding
from the feel of the prescription man’s love.

Alls that I’m say’n is if it’s you you’re betraying
you’re bound to come up short on your luck.

Remember us together, for worst, or for better?
that’sa why I'ma write'n you, like a chump.

Because now’s you do sittin’, wit’ a blank expression,
and I can’t hear ya sing like you’d sung.

So if giving up is fine, or a good use of your time
then as your Blues, I’ll be movin’ right along.

To a new destination, where music is playing,
to where people can sing from the heart.

Last updated April 08, 2011