A Spirit Shows me the Year 2332

by Joseph Mayo Wristen

The window opens to a ledge.

There is a great darkness coming.
The betrayers of lineage.
Their savior

walking across salted sand.
takes the book of his Father.
Striking out at his enemies
with times spell of covenant
he has declared himself a god.

The piper of Greenwich
life elaborated on a wire message
and the party
celebrating civilization plays on.

The world turning on
its axle is going mad
while the man behind the bank
alienates himself from his
his wife's love
for his own purpose.

The establishment,
through computer programming and
surveillance satellites,
have developed a system
to hand out their gifts
of honor. They are extracting
the essences of our individuality,
giving us our materialistic and
sexual desires through what is
called simulated cyber stimulation.

The military forces here
are privately funded assignees
who have allowed the power
elite to take control of
all communication networks.

The future has taken away our freedom.

Our genes have become weaker due
to the hormones implemented into our
food. Reproduction takes place with
hybrid cultivated eggs. Mans sperm,
has become a sterile fluid,
pumped into creation from a tube.

The world we know in the year 2332, is dying.

Last updated May 02, 2015