Voices in the Night

by Joseph Mayo Wristen

I am the Raven
con of the world
spirit of blood and mire;
signal to the death,
the awakening before the coming.

I am the Owl
a reincarnation of a fed Rat
a wise soul searching; loving;
I find youth during their revelation,
and then take the responsibility,
of explaining away the exodus.

And I, I am the Hawk
guardian of the son
I bring the eye to battle;
searching wanting; warning,
the families of Lightning and of the Bear.

We shall be there when both Demons
and Angels together come to earth
do battle with man.

I am the Sparrow
the breath of heaven
I bring the desires of our Mother
and ask for you; to take care
of her belongings, her creatures.

I am the Bear from the family, before man
I will crush mans enemies
then selectively bind those
who would change the world;
to the ways of the White Witch.

And I, I am Lightning
I will strike down the madness
destroy the enemies of the Bear;
I am the weapon, of the most secure
Angel of our Lord.

We shall be here when both Demons
and Angels together come to do battle
with man.

And I am the Eye,
knowing of what must be done
to save man from destroying;
the faith of his One God.

Together we take the hour
of silence, form our armies.
Karma leading the way;
we reach out to the night.

Changing mans destiny,
crushing the selfishness
of blinded destruction;
Working the sphere of time; Risking all.

It is our destiny to be here
when both Demons and Angels
come together to do battle with Man.

Hear our voices; listen to our words,
the songs of her love.
In the breath of the world.

The Voices In The Night.

Last updated May 02, 2015