by Joshua Grobelch

I spent my weary walk
In silence
In a solitude of dream
Sent my thoughts
On a jaunt
To the ends of all things
Began to settle on
A softened scene
Sent with the scent of snow
An lo! I ask
Was I meant to be there?
Was my
Heart your hearts memento?
These spinning tingling things
These quandaries inside my soul
They slide down frozen arteries
And skate with speed but without control

As a boy
I crashed without mercy
To the boards in a barreling barrage
Full boar
Full of life
Full of emotions

Never fulfilled
Never mine

Lights low
In cloud froze glow
Hang the beams of many of those
Hands whom I reached for
Hips whom I crashed to
Lips that I lost in the throws

In my silent walk
My shuffle the only sound near
Wisps of wind
Come crisp now and again
Too haunting for her to appear
But in moonlight
And in moment
And in memory mated to dream
There are hands
That reach out
Hips that rush by
In the cloudy
Frozen winds of you near
And it’s funny
How loneliness can appear
So full of life
So full of you
So full, so empty
So cloudy and
So clear

I tend to write poems with a focus on rhythm and tone. Most of my poems deal with a specific feeling I am trying to convey and I use metaphors as a conduit quite often. I enjoy the challenge of rhyming, but I am just as apt to write in free verse. I tend to focus on a specific emotion or style for a substantial period, usually until I feel I have exhausted the avenues. I am a veteran, a machinist, and a poet.

Last updated November 04, 2013