Walking Alone

by Joshua Grobelch

I walked last night through silvery streams
And paused in their infinite gaze
Soft rays
Reflected in shivering trees
Whose leaves
Built a shadowy maze
The sidewalk slipped
From sight to unseen
And gleamed
With a glistening glow
And oh!
How my breath
Fell cloudy and cool
On the frost that had gathered below

Suspended in sparkling silence
I trembled
But who was to see?
You were gone
And I coiled in cowardice
As the night mocked mercilessly

I tend to write poems with a focus on rhythm and tone. Most of my poems deal with a specific feeling I am trying to convey and I use metaphors as a conduit quite often. I enjoy the challenge of rhyming, but I am just as apt to write in free verse. I tend to focus on a specific emotion or style for a substantial period, usually until I feel I have exhausted the avenues. I am a veteran, a machinist, and a poet.

Last updated November 04, 2013