Unrequited love
Could cause the most confident conqueror unease,
Unrequited love
Could not my deepest desires appease.
Showered her with attentions, but my affection she endured.
As pseudo-lovers we discovered that love can be obscure.

Yet when the light of the world was extinguished, her essence fuelled my lamp.
But we were of different stations; she was the lady and I the tramp.
A lifetime with this creature imbued me with a peace so profound and pure,
From the minds and hearts of my fellow man, I yearned to learn much more.

Never before was there a woman as stubborn as was mine,
“Forsaking her presence relegated me to a rank lower than swine.”
She blatantly refused that I should make the company
of those brutal, ruthless fiends, who comprised humanity!

O woe my unconscious became so active and so grave!
Each night he pestered my good sense, I wished he would behave.
O woe my unconscious had now become my worst foe!
Every night he painted scenarios of drastic ways to go.
One night, with some rope, I hung a noose from a tree,
O imagine when she wakes to see, her doll hanging hopelessly!

But the intellect of my mate I clearly underestimated,
For when I awoke, my studio, she had already vacated.
She’s gone, I thought, I’m free, so I made the acquaintance of
some remarkable human beings who’ve shown me lots of love.

One day, quite unprovoked, while amongst friends she assailed me,
Beads of sweat laced my brows and my palms grew cold and clammy.
My autonomic reactions betrayed my anguished mental state
Her return must be an omen, had she once more sealed my fate?
I pleaded and supplicated but she refused to go,
I hated, no, I deeply despised my new, old foe.

That night as her chest rose and fell, I glared at her asleep
Like a lamb before the slaughter I thought, then plunged my dagger deep
into her heart, lungs and intestines; punctured her five times,
As she spat and sputtered blood, I felt a peace so sublime.
She will forever remain dormant, never again will she stir
In the end, she was no better than a common cur.

So I killed her and I’m glad
For those who think me rude,
I killed the filthy bitch
We all know as solitude.

Last updated April 09, 2011