Monarch Matrimony

by Ken Slesarik

William II

“Rufus the Red” a seedy sort,
sort of mean and kind of short,
short of temper, craving stature

never married, couldn’t catch her.

Henry VIII

Henry wed six times, it’s true.
True grief happens to kings too.
Two beheaded, another died

for lasting love, you know he tried.

William III and Mary II

At first her tears, they fell like rain.
Reign with William? Think again.
A gain for Mary in the end

equal partner, lifelong friend.


Courtly stress, no king no less.
Less courting time a royal mess.
Mess soon over I suppose

when they heard the queen propose.

Elizabeth II

Elizabeth please tell us why,
why as the years go rolling by,
by and by, you’re lovely still

you made it last, just you and Phil.

Last updated October 10, 2022