Because God Cares

by Kevin Blake

When you have no one to turn to God is always there
When the burdens seem so heavy God lifts them because He cares

God loves all of His children so do not despair
because God will never leave us and He will always care

Gods love is never ending
God wants you to rest in Him is the message He is sending

God's promises are over flowing He wants us on the right path
because Heaven is where we are going

God is so good He is our creator and Father in Heaven
God will forgive us when we forgive others not seven times but seventy seven

God's love is always there we just have to reach out for Him because He will always care.

Kevin Blake

Widowed 5 years. Had a long road of healing. I play piano for my church, special music, deacon, substitute Pastor. I am originally from Iowa. Portland, Oregon is my permanent home.

Last updated February 24, 2015