Rainbows And Rain

by Kevin Blake

God promised He would never flood the earth again
God sent us Jesus to take care of all of our sins

The rainbow in the sky is God's watchful eye
The rain flowing from the clouds are angel teardrops from on high

When God takes care of the birds in the air
It is a reminder that He is always there
The rain is God giving us life the rainbow is God giving us love
How much more precious is Jesus who intercedes for us in heaven above

God's love is over flowing like all the stars twinkling in the skies are showing
We do not have to worry when we are troubled
God will take care of you because He is all knowing
Keep Jesus in your heart and someone will see you glowing

Kevin Blake

Widowed 5 years. Had a long road of healing. I play piano for my church, special music, deacon, substitute Pastor. I am originally from Iowa. Portland, Oregon is my permanent home.

Last updated February 24, 2015