In Reality...

by Laura Salmon

It should have been a beautiful morning in my head
In reality, I never made it out of bed

Saying I’d get up tomorrow or perhaps the next day
Watching the time just dribble and drabble away

Never making it to the top of the stairs
Inside my mind, thoughts racing through deep lairs

Letting my life just drift on by
Whilst I spend every moment staring into the sky

Looking for something which might not be there
Struggling to find something for which to care

That’s worth leaving my hypothetical prison for
Something to drag me from the heights of the floor

As I’m lost in the garden of creation rotting away
And finding the penultimate price to pay

It should have been a beautiful morning in my head
But In all reality , I felt stone cold dead.


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I have been a keen writer and reader of poetry for the last 8 years., I grew up in North Lincolnshire with my family., I am now 21 and in the final semester of my undergrad degree., I have had several pieces published in the past., My poetry is often concerned with the many aspects of the human conditon, and world and political situations such as the war., Aside from my degree and poetry I am a horserider and I compete regularly with my horse Jayde!

Last updated May 29, 2011