This Morning My Spirit Cried

The cry was silent, enough for me to hear-
But strong enough for God to feel.
This morning my spirit cried;
I felt my eyes getting teary.

My spirit said “God, my body’s getting weary.”
I felt these tears steady flowing-
By my faith, MY faith kept on holding.

It wasn’t pain, fear, or doubt my spirit possessed,
It was the cry of a spirit that wanted peace and rest.
As my spirit continued crying-suddenly
Another spirit stepped in.
My spirit listened, and the tears came to an end.

This spirit’s voice was recognizable
I heard this voice before,
The calmness in her voice lasts forever more.

She said “keep living, it gets better.”
My spirit in me smiled and started to settle.
So I wiped my last tear that started to flow,
I said “God is working”, this I know.

August 2013

Shanicqua Tomlinson's picture

I am a 21 year mommy to be who is married to my wonderful husband. I have been writing poetry since I was a young girl. Writing poetry is a gift from God that was passed down 4 generations. It started with my great-grandmother, then is was passed down to my grandmother, then it was passed down to my mom; and now it has been passed down to me. I had my first poem published when I was a senior in high school. That was the first time I ever presented a poem outside of my family and close friends. Since that moment, I knew that my poetry can and will take me far in life. I absolutely love to write poetry; and now I am writing monologues as well. I appreciate poetry for what it has to offer and how it makes me feel. I am using my hidden gift to touch lives around the world by publishing my work.

Last updated August 14, 2013