The Girl from Amsterdam

She said: "In Amsterdam we'll play
Life's game-i?'s just an escapade.
But I won't give my soul away.
Love never lasts long, I'm afraid.."

I didn't take her seriously.
Beneath the fancy-gabled, sloping
Roofs, as in single lockstep we
Locked hands... Ah! How hard I kept hoping...

I should have heard the brackish brine
Warn, with its flow: "Nothing comes back!"
No. I felt but her hand on mine,
Pressing, there in the cul-de-sac.

Amsterdam's brothels stood there, stinking,
Sweating, with thick-thighed whores, as I
Sauntered beside her, never thinking
How soon our love must lifeless lie.

Harsher my woe, more bitter am
I now than each and every tear
I cry.. That girl from Amsterdam..
What wouldn't I give to have her here?

Saint-Nicholas's bells, dock spanned
With plants, ten thousand sunken piles
Spread out beneath the landing, and
The River Amstel's many isles..

It was a day in May. My Dutch
Girl said: "Nothing lasts, I'm afraid."
And I thought that I loved her much
Too much for just an escapade.

Last updated March 19, 2023