The Wilderness

by Linda Coutts

Wandering, in dark wilderness 
Virgin of grief and death
Raped,... my Shredded soul 
My love, a wilting flower
My life, my world, my joy

Lost, in unknown Wilderness 
wondering aimlessly
Ripped from my world
A precious part of we
Wilting  flower 
Wilting  me

Searching, through the wilderness 
Peace I could not see
Wilderness became a Grace
And Grace discovered me
Serenity, pains peace appeared
 As I crawled along the way

Walking, through the wilderness 
A perfect place to stay
 i couldn't find my flower
In the place it use to be
But fields of colored flowers 
In the wilderness with me

Rays of sunshine, light of moon
Stay with me today
lost within the wilderness
I discover when I pray
I can hold my flower
That I lost along the way 

the end

Linda Coutts

I have recently started writing poetry. I find healing during this trying time in my life. I live In the hill country. I feel that poetry is best when it comes directly from your heart.

Last updated May 28, 2011