An Interchanging Poetry Expression Of Love

by Mac McGovern

I write about all the various stages of love; defined by the length of a relationship regardless of longevity including, relations of our youth to love strong enough to survive the challenges presented throughout marriage. I define love as a cyclical process as related to generative grammar, through which we develop our relationships, either good or bad, to reach the ultimate experience of obtaining the realization of love over a lifetime.

This poetic expression is written from my perspective and experiences. It covers a lifetime; a time span of all human emotion associated with feeling. The slant from which I write is male. The prevailing emotions surfacing, as you read, allow both male and female to insert their memories equally.

Our trip through love, begins with what most of us remember as the first time we fell head over heels in love with the one who drove us out of childhood, to experience that "first time I saw you" emotion burned forever into memory.

Since First I Saw You

Since first I saw you, it was your eyes,
mesmerizing me, your gaze transporting
me to a realm, not of fantasy, real,
where young men go when cupid's
arrow takes root.

Since first I saw you, it was your lips,
captivating me, holding me frozen
in anticipation of our lips brushing
for the first time.

Since first I saw you, it was your voice,
a crescendo, light, invigorating,
each word you speak intensifies
my hearing, enveloping each
note, time ceases as I hang motionless
savoring, memorizing.

Since first I saw you, it was your hair,
long, flowing, gently rising above
your shoulders as a slight breeze
passes through,
sending waves of your essence my way.
The sun magnifying each strand,
highlighting the minute
variances of invigorating color,
creating a halo effect, a portrait of
your beauty forever imprinted.

Since first I saw you, It was you,
my love forever more for you,
only you.

Of course, it was not be. The transition through puberty will lay waste to many relationships that will be forever remembered, and will be reminisced as "our songs of love."

Songs Of Love

Sung throughout the ages,
song immortalized,
hearts broken or
bursting, overflowing.

Songs of Love
melody and verse change,
pain and sorrow vary,
gaiety and feeling
remain constant.

Songs of Love written by those who
lived them, remembered
by those who sing them.

As we move from the freestyle of youth, we move to a willingness to accept additional responsibility both financially and in love relationships. As we put our youth behind us, we elect to make commitments that are temporary or long term. Today, many couples have no desire to marry and are perfectly content in their lives. Those who marry do so because they may feel more secure and greater stability. Both relations experience the same problems and failures. Although there are relationships lasting a lifetime, the common consensus best describes today's long term commitments as," the first one being practice; the second being forever."


born in the fire of youth
foster to preserve
lost to betrayal
regained in trust
through decades of growth
capitulate all
nevermore lose

Once we move through the uncertainty of love, we may move into the lasting relationship we all crave. A relationship that is mutually bonding; providing a deepening of love inspired by greater understanding, and mutual satisfaction lasting through life's remaining days. This stage may complete early in relationships or take years to realize.

My Wife

The sun reflects from her face illuminating
the inner beauty of her soul
she smiles and the world is all aglow
speaks and chaos and confusion cease
laughs and all are at peace
she cries and frustrations released
She sees only the good in everything
she bathes her soul in heavens spring
bears the pain of those under her protection
her arms their umbrella, know not rejection
Her gift to life is her very presence
she is my reward of excellence
she is the guiding light of my life
she is my wife

The most amazing event in life is the delivery of our children. One of the few times a man can cry, be congratulated, and hugged by friends without embarrassment. Children require a lifelong dedication for their welfare and guidance in preparing them for the challenges and obstacles they will face as adults.

A Child

A child,
a ball of dough,
must be raised to
achieve success.

Without Discipline

You starve your children
by denying them food
through lack of discipline

My favorite time is watching children grow, mature, and begin their lives as loving reproductions of the parents.

I See Angels

I see angels, not only when I sleep, more often,
when awake, some petite, in gowns flowing long,
or putting final touches to beauty that needs none,
from little angels, to full-grown ones

They talk in tones often disguised, not understood,
a language interpreted only by angels
in their own angel group, occasionally break tradition,
speak certain phrases recognizable to all,
always welcome, always good,
increasing my love for my angel brood

Memories of angels, pleasurable thoughts,
lead to today, an angel does leave me,
for another she will care,
increasing the love we all share

All my angels share the same fate,
leaving their father, once their first date,
soon will return with their own special angels
for me to love and to care

A contented father rejoices and waits,
for I see angels

When love reaches the age of contentment, we settle into a life of joy accentuated by spending the rest of our lives together. Other than losing a child, there is no greater pain than losing the love of your life. Yet, we each continue our journey, remembering the life we spent together. Those who believe are consoled in knowing soon they will be together once again.

I See Her There

I see her there
through the passage of time,
in thought and dream.

I see her there
forcing gloom to remit,
instilling love day and night.

I see her there
as each day does pass,
my companion, my wife.

I see her there,
her smile bright,
opening her arms to hold me tight.

I see her there,
I cried as her death neared,
her loss a burden, I need not have feared.
Though she has traveled away from here,
she remains near.

At my side.
I see her there.


She Looks

She awoke,
he was passed away from her.

Wondering the halls,
searching rooms,
cold and damp,
she looks for him.

the grounds are vast courtyards
where many elaborate events
echoed joyous laughter,
echo no more, further frustrate
her search.
She looks for him,
for forty years she conducts
this ritual,
refusing to accept what all

Her mind sees only one vision,
she looks for him,
knows he has passed away from her,
knows he has not gone far,
and soon,
she awoke,
he lay next to her,
she looked no more.

Finally, we come to the "greatest honor" bestowed upon parents.

Greatest Honor

What greater honor,
when they move forward,
they leave behind in each of us,
the best of what they were.

Love is the one constant that survives through the ages. It also, is the constant providing every emotion from pure joy, to hate, to unrelenting remorse. Through all its success and faults, love remains true as the only constant ensuring our future.

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Mac McGovern was born in Dubuque, Iowa and lived there most of his youth. Most of his adult life he served in the US Navy, retiring in 1995. In his years of service, he was fortunate to serve in a variety of assignments at sea, in Naval Hospitals, teaching, and recruiting Medical Professional in Columbus, Ohio and Pensacola, Florida., Currently, he is a retired executive with the largest home improvement company in the panhandle of Florida and is a licensed roofing contractor., Mac writes from the heart and is influenced somewhat by what he sees, feels, hears, and to a larger extent, what is gleamed from his mind’s eye. Today, Mac resides in Pensacola, Florida with the inspiration and love of his life, his wife Sandra.

Last updated April 18, 2013