The Most Exquisite Creature Of My Dreams

by Mac McGovern

A wispy vapor extrudes from her flawless frame,
she is dressed as if on fire,
the nudity of her exquisite frame
exposed, hiding none of her ample features.

Yet, she is beauty incarnate,
impossible to look away even for one
moment in fear of missing one single profile
she demonstrates as she moves so very gracefully.

I have never seen such an enchanted being as this.
I will never see another.
She is one of a kind, drawn from some long lost recess in my mind.
Even being able to conjure such beauty amazes me.

She is alive as no woman has ever been alive,
mystical, yes, but

I exist in that world before waking and deep sleep,
not wanting this vision to end.
I fear if I waken, she will be lost to me forever.

Her vision begins to fade with sun rising.
Her wispy, shadowy frame begins to dim,
I am losing her and my heart aches.

I am completely shattered by the bleating
of the old alarm clock on the dresser.
As I reach to turn off the distraction that has
destroyed the most beautiful vision ever conceived,
I roll over and look into the face of my dreams.

My heart swells to near failure. I cannot believe what my bewildered eyes see.
Is it deception my befuddled mind inquires?

There beside me lies this exquisite creature of my dreams.
She is no stranger to me,
she has been familiar to me over 30 years.

There before me lies that which has always been the most exquisite woman of my dreams.
My chest swells with pride.
I realize I have witnessed the transition of our lives from being loved to being eternally in love.

My vision will never again fade,
it will continue to grow stronger each passing day.
I will treasure the rest of my days living not a memory of dreams,
with the most exquisite woman of my life,
my wife.

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Mac McGovern was born in Dubuque, Iowa and lived there most of his youth. Most of his adult life he served in the US Navy, retiring in 1995. In his years of service, he was fortunate to serve in a variety of assignments at sea, in Naval Hospitals, teaching, and recruiting Medical Professional in Columbus, Ohio and Pensacola, Florida., Currently, he is a retired executive with the largest home improvement company in the panhandle of Florida and is a licensed roofing contractor., Mac writes from the heart and is influenced somewhat by what he sees, feels, hears, and to a larger extent, what is gleamed from his mind’s eye. Today, Mac resides in Pensacola, Florida with the inspiration and love of his life, his wife Sandra.

Last updated January 17, 2012