The Easter Message

by Marie Tello Phillips

Marie Tello Phillips

Through all the ages rolling on,
Now while the nations writhe in pain,
Thy clarion word is heard, anon,
We sing again the sweet retrain:
He is risen!

The souls enchained and bound to Earth,
At length will burst their bonds in twain,
And lift their hearts in Faith's rebirth
To listen to the sweet refrain:
He is risen!

And those who hunger, thirst, and die,
Whose bones lie blanching on the plain,
At last, with Thee, will time defy,
Ascending to the sweet refrain:
He is risen!

For though the world may writhe in pain,
And armies lie among the slain,
And millions die to be born again,
They wake to hear the sweet refrain:
He is risen!

For as He rose, so we shall rise,
To be with Him in Paradise;
The Son of God died not in vain,
For still we sing the sweet refrain:

Last updated November 04, 2022