The Torch-Bearer

by Marie Tello Phillips

Marie Tello Phillips

He leads his comrades on! He bears on high
The torch! With vision bright, by its clear light
All values true by them are seen aright.
No mundane joys enslave his soul. The cry
Of anguished hearts, defenseless, trodden by
The iron brutal heel of Prussian might,
Destroys his peace. To succor these, to fight
For Freedom's rights, he hastes, if but to die.

No shackles bind this deathless life to Earth!
He leads with dauntless courage to the fray.
He knows that he, again in that re-birth
Will live, when dawns that other radiant day,
When he will join his Captain—Christ. Well worth
The price, with Him—a conquered world to sway.

Last updated October 29, 2022