The River

by Mark Olynyk

in the river of ideas
flowing in the data stream
cascading in a sequence
of logical links
arriving at the principal belief
experience an exponential growth
of understanding
the objective is the future
forged by the outcome of choices
founded on reason
the primary motive anchors the system
individual followers
embrace the right of the self
and worship at the altar
of free expression

Barrie, Ontario

Mark Olynyk's picture

In 1977, Mark Olynyk published his first poem in "Left Wing". This event set off a chain reaction of poetry; that continues to this day. His poems have appeared in anthologies and literary journals such as: Whetstone, The Prairie Journal, Canadian Writer’s Journal, The Penwood Review and Peace & Freedom. His latest book, Written in Stone (2012) was published by FriesenPress. This collection of poems looks at the human condition; truth and the transience of life. The author says, “Writing is the great escape.” Find him on facebook at Poetry Inc.

Last updated January 18, 2014