She and Drugs

by Mark R Slaughter

Freshly spawned,
Brain dumps
Bleeding grey:

Reflections of a mind
That wavers thin
Along the line
That savours pain –

A pond of skin
Devoid of breast –
The pad a feign:
The nothing
Underneath your bra
At best
Is your imagination

Spread across a narcoleptic world
Suchlike survival
In and out
Of haunted woods;
In and out –
You’re in and out
As blood transfused –
Pumping on
To ooze at pace
Upon another haemorrhage

And there! a goblin
Here! a goblin
Care to entertain a goblin
In the lair
That is a mind
Of drugs? –

We know it’s you –
It’s you we know.

We know you’re through.

I am a biological scientist who took up poetry in 2009. I enjoy exploring my subconscious and experimenting with different forms of writing.

Last updated January 14, 2012