The Fishermen, The Gulls & The Bible People

by Michael Estabrook

funny morning on
the beach about 9 AM
I'm alone but
then these 2 guys
with beards & long hair
& cigarettes dangling
from their mouths,
these 2 fisherman,
appear on the shore
in a motor boat
toss in an anchor
drag 4 really
big fish, 2 Sea Bass
I think & 2 Blues,
onto the clean
pure sand & cut them
open spilling out
a pile of glistening
red guts there for
the gulls to get
then next to me
2 pretty young women
with wispy blonde hair,
scanty bathing suits &
a little blonde boy
spread a blanket rub
suntan lotion all
over each other's
smooth backs & legs &
tummies (to drive me
crazy no doubt)
& start talking
all about the Bible
reading they're
planning for
the Watch Tower people.
Jesus. the gulls –
a whole flock of
them – find the pile
of guts & they
squawk & flap &
squabble & in a minute
or 2 the guts are
all gone & so are
the gulls leaving me
alone here on this
beach with these
2 Bible people & the
little boy. Jesus.

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Last updated September 16, 2011