March on, Yes!

by Miles

March on the people yes we say
On toward tomorrows day
We Shan't feel free,
though what will be will be

Da Dee Da doo da, Away
We will march on, the way
the people who are esprit
That which we shan't see
our ingenous equivocal derivation

Valiance be it the key
We must abide this single verse
though it is our nature to qualm the way,
we traverse this vast inverse,
elysium in which we portray
our march herein spoken of in placid demonization

To those who march with baneful decay
Will you never know the plenty,
scorned against scatter ready to immerse
their mass into the curled
beltway of the calm intricate universe
As if you were hurled
to this place by evil aplenty

We the valiant shall rejoice when they won't sway
our decsion to pray
their's is only an objective of sinister degree
wanting us to reapply our anodyne plea
we can no longer be the obverse
Although we will learn to disperse
our mass into this world
though mending is not our obligation

Miles Stannard's picture

I am not a poet, not a writer. I am just someone who loves poetry and attempts to wrtie when I can.I have a poor vocabulary and am not trying to impress I only want to attempt to put some of my work out there it is nothing special but I am hoping someone else with think different.

Last updated October 23, 2011