Your concerns are so small,your worries miniscule
yet they are
big to you

what you must cook
and when you should wash your clothes

what your nephew said and
how your wayward daughter

your sorrows are huge
when you are belittled by your loved ones
you cry
and your eyes swell up

staring into the distance unseeing
i see you scratch into the cliff blindly
for a handhold

what will you do when you grow old
live alone
will your brother love you
will your daughter care
when your money is gone

a touch a loving word
and you swell up
like a tissue soaking up water

do you also disintegrate
into little white bits
of nothingness
of being once
a tissue
once a tree

Mridula Makkuni

Mridula Makkuni's picture

I am an aspiring writer.I ve been writing weird broken line poems for years now about anything and evrything.My poetry has no rhyme or length, but they help me express my thoughts in the best way that I can.

Last updated April 15, 2015