The Eclipsed Past

A long and steep gaze
Into the eclipsed past,
Provide my thoughts an edge
To unroll the bygone past.

Paths adorned with flowers
Became skyscraper blocks,
The playground glitters
Sans the delightful brook.

Childhood flew into teens
Joys became a scarce rainbow,
Age changed the directions
Flooding me in life’s flow.

Some gripping circumstances,
Paved the way to widen distances;
Like the silent skyscrapers
I too stare into the hollow skies.

Agonized thoughts feel the stress
Exploring a shore or an ultimate?
Gripped by never-ending distress
Midst stark realities, I suffocate.

The very moment they learnt to fly
Birds flew away by the tempting age;
Searching an oasis, aloud I cry
Lo! Am I following a deceit mirage?

The steep gaze, the eclipsed past
Haunt without respite, day and night,
The city environs brim with delight
But many a life wipe out in this desert.

Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy

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A poet & review writer, I have composed over 2000 poems during the past 25 years. Several of my poems appeared in anthologies, journals, newspapers, magazines, e-zines etc., across 60 countries.

Last updated June 21, 2011