Troubled Heart

by Jehrson Ortonio

Invisible path nowhere on its map;
Even if I trace smog all I found.
Clues were hid himself to netherworld;
For I didn’t know to start nor to finish on my own.

How terrible this aching heart of mine;
With fearful step on cliff behind.
Hues emotion start battling on its mind;
Scattered color wiped out in doom.

The night was like plague in the dark;
Hated to perceive for they brought nothing but beset.
Oh, how long will I take this shadow within me;
For the realm is so real and consuming me.

Uncertainty took over my core;
Nothing has left, nothing has spare.
Conquered by fear ruined by despair;
How can seek peace in deep abyss?

If anyone can hear the cry of my soul;
Please be with me for I can’t stand no more.
My shattered spirit on the empty hall;
Beginning to devour until the last piece has gone.

Jehrson Ortonio's picture

Jehrson "Joe" Ortonio is a Filipino writer who fell in love in beauty and mystery of writting. He uses his passion in writing to conquer the world by communicating God's Love. He is a husband of Joycha and and a father of a beautiful girl by the name of Alexa.

Last updated May 01, 2016