by Jehrson "Joe" Ortonio


by Joe Ortonio

The moment has come in the beginning of time;
Where I rejoice the day, the best day so far.
Made me full existence with identity surefire;
To enjoy life at a given time.

Beneath a thin air rambling in a fine crystal
Crowning the crest of sun sparkling entice.
Census justify my actual survival
Earth is where footstep marked on surface rock.

Let every culture, color and tongues be assured
Of presence one’s favor to put triumph forever.
Coexistent hove breathing freely collected,
Patchwork uncluttered bring forth treasures uphold.

Grappling snow in a summer breeze
For winter hand of yesterday restraint.
For majesty of faith has come now present
Exult in singing above heavens bliss.

The fortuitous I got no spend extravagant
Though knowledge I knew will come to pass;
Better usage to view suitable facade
Impending sanctification of one heart’s dream.

JCO 16.01.15 Poem#6

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Jehrson "Joe" Ortonio is a Filipino writer who fell in love in beauty and mystery of writting. He uses his passion in writing to conquer the world by communicating God's Love. He is a husband of Joycha and and a father of a beautiful girl by the name of Alexa.

Last updated May 31, 2019