Dawn of Future

by Jehrson "Joe" Ortonio

“Dawn of Future”

by Joe Ortonio

The battle ground of yesterday has gone;
Done with all blood and tears run dry.
It was finished, it was done;
Now looking at the bright wave coming at hand.

Deep sigh looming the depth of pit;
Ready to surrender, ready to yield.
Oh, how amazing I survived, I lived;
Coming from the war devastated.

Grace I received even though not deserve;
Still have that portion that shields me from death.
Gracious this king whom I am serve;
Won the battle and freed me from slave.

Horizon feels the embrace of the airstream;
All the creatures rejoice up heaven and downhill.
Praising to the ONE authored of everything.
With majesty and glory standing in awe.

Oh, crest of wave here I come here I go;
Ready to stand reaching my sight to you.
Bringing hope, bringing joy with light of tomorrow;
A promise of future dawning nearby to you.

JCO 16.01.05 Poem#2

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Jehrson "Joe" Ortonio is a Filipino writer who fell in love in beauty and mystery of writting. He uses his passion in writing to conquer the world by communicating God's Love. He is a husband of Joycha and and a father of a beautiful girl by the name of Alexa.

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