I Was Shot

by Muhammad Shanazar

It was night,
The whole nation was in freight,
For starvation prevailed over
Each nook and corner.

I went out with an empty pocket
And a blank bag,
To manage commodities for my own kids,
And walked timidly
Through the lanes and lawns,
I came across men and women
With harrowed pallid faces,
There was stifling in the airs
As if something had rotten
Beneath the crust of time.

I advanced through the streets
To seek an opportunity,
A chance to carry out my intents:
The maiden adventure.

I saw the houses big and small,
But the doors were shut,
At some spots I saw the guards
Watching at the gates with guns.

I found a mansion with the walls
Neither too high nor too small,
Inner contents of the house were visible
And the watchman seemed to be dozing,
In the chair with the mozer in his lap.

I quailing my strength and courage,
Jumped over the bordering wall,
And I stealthily went ahead through
The plants and flowering shrubs;
All the time caring lest sound should disturb
The sleeping indwellers.

I made a sudden survey,
And my eyes located the kitchen,
A place of treasure, it was simply bolted,
Merely hooked with out any lock.

I with making a noise least
Searched for the containers
Containing the precious articles,
And discovered many of them empty.

I found a tin-box with a little quantity of flour,
No more than kilo two and a half,
And a bag of sugar laid beside.
I turned up the tin-box,
Poured the flour into my own bag,
And carried along the packed sugar too.

I moved back and strove to leap over the wall,
But my legs staggered
As if they began to revolt against my wills;
In the effort I fell and thump awoke the guard,
He pointed his mozer and fired twice, "Bang, bang",
One shot hit in the shank of my leg,
I lay on the ground,
Gripping the targeted spot tight,
The piercing pain of the shot woke me up,
I found myself on the floor, instead of in the bed,
But I was holding my leg tight.

Muhammad Shanazar

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Muhammad Shanazar, a famous contemporary poet from Pakistan, was born into a poverty stricken family in a village of Sub Division Gujarkhan District Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on 25th Nov., 1960. His father served in Pakistan Army; he was recruited by the colonial rulers when he was only 10 years old. On the day he was recruited, he wore only a shirt given by someone from the neighbourhood considering him an orphan child. Muhammad Shanazar got his early education from the local school. He passed his SSC Examination from Government High School Mandra, Intermediate from Government Hashmat Ali Islamia College, Rawalpindi, graduation from Gordon College, Rawalpindi, and M.A in English Literature, from University of the Punjab. After post graduation he served three years as a constable in Police Department. He found it uncongenial to his temperament and decided to leave it, meanwhile luckily he came upon an opportunity to join the Department of Education (Technical Wing) to render his services as a lecturer in English Language and Literature. After holding this position for seventeen years, he was promoted Assistant Professor, and at present he is serving at Government College of Commerce at Kahuta. He started seriously writing poetry with specific purpose behind it in 1998. He chose English to express the voice of his conscience. The prime objective he has been working for is to make humanity aware of the sanctity of human life i.e. “A single drop of human blood possesses more worth than all treasures that the Earth contains”. Voices Network from North Carolina U.S.A placed him among the prominent contemporary poets by awarding him the International Special Distinction “Poet in Residence” in 2004. Since then being one of the Poetry Judges of online international poetry contests hosted by Voices Network, he has been judging the poems. He also worked as an International Poetry Ambassador in Pakistan on the behalf of Voices Network, North Carolina and held several poetry reading sessions, to promote peace through poetry. Poemhunter of France and Bollywood of India chose him one of the ‘Top 500 Poets in the World’, World Society of Poets bestowed upon him honour by placing him among the prominent contemporary poets of the world. Govt. of Pakistan, Ministry of Education awarded him the award of “Promotion In Children Literature” with the cash prize. International Poetry Translation and Research Centre China awarded him The International Best translator Prize 2012, he also had been The President of the Jury Constituted for Frang Bardhi Literary Prize 2013. Muhammad Shanazar received appreciation from all around the world for his highly intellectual work.

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