Poor Poem

by Jes C. Kuhn

Poor Poem

bowl-cut poor
for the cold rice and powdered milk poor,
chewing on one side of your mouth poor,
chloroform passive poor,
a structure of neon jersey pride over a banquet
of swine-flu sportsmanship poor,
not getting older just getting old poor,
relationships like mismatched lawn chairs in winter yards poor,
abandonment issues solid as sleet sculpted snowmen poor,
rummage sale of emotions poor,
garage sale psychiatry poor,
strung up by empty wallets poor,
“you see your beer,
then you see me,
then you see your dreams,
then you see the clock,
then you see your job” poor,
vomiting out the tick-tock of morning to night malignancy poor,
reaper’s shawl on the backs of women poor,
bent at the hip and cracked at the pelvis poor,
cream splattered canvas poor,
to be cummed upon, on or around any old hole poor,
ear-plugs to butt-plugs poor,
bags of fascist weed and racist beer poor,
economy crash cool with capital canker sores poor,
Why is there debt when there is death? poor,
subtraction from both sides poor,
in the ghosts of simple mechanics poor,
commercial blisters in lottery fantasy formaldehyde poor,
witnessing slum lords hiding Moo-Moo wives poor,
in the pork pit and failed home-brews poor,
the low din of huffing exhaust over the manure landscapes poor,
Animal abuse Planet poor,
dead birds haunting the wingless poor,
smelling like the musk of mole holes poor,
memory banks are bankrupt poor,
porcelain negro jockey at the top of the recycle bin poor,
stuttering mutiny from sinking ship flags poor,
nothing in-between but tween pregnancy poor,
dawn of prayer at the Planned Parenthood poor,
sour infants in spoiled hand-me-downs poor,
stretchmark-pride poor,
flat tires of a sex drive poor,
unopened arms that have stapled our hearts poor,
to the landslides of paperwork poor,
filling the dead tree cubicles of state benefits poor,
shadow collectors at the death of unions debate poor,
Walker in office poor,
mentors to the dispossessed and post-abortion parts poor,
Clap poor,
down-to-earth dirt dreams of my cooling body poor,
timid topsoil in premature pastures poor,
dead as a Jehovah Witness in the frost of a Kingdom Hall poor,
poor as Mormon legislation poor,
devil’s hand-job poor,
god’s credit limit in lightning and predestination poor,
effeminate cross on christ’s abs of dust poor,
stool sample as sensual poor,
walking under corporate anal rungs poor,
as bad luck proprietors poor,
history of holy wars in a pop-up children’s book poor,
the pumpkin guts of thawing seasons poor,
staring at train tracks poor,
on a full moon of dead pleasure poor,
no such thing as natural causes anymore poor,
dying to tell you I’m dying poor,
on a night like tonight,
nothing is possible.

Thigh Gap and the Vow of Poverty: Poems by Jes C. Kuhn

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Jes C. Kuhn was born in St. Paul, MN, 1975. His first volume of poetry "Thigh Gap and Vow of Poverty" was published in November of 2015. He currently lives and writes in Haunted, WI.

Last updated February 12, 2016