Dark Room( qua vadis)

by Muralidharan Mudaliar

There is no one in the dark room
No one at home
No one to talk to
And nowhere to go

Pacing down the side streets
Following up glad eyes
Flirting to quieten
The fever over my brow

With no one to pester
No one to please
I curl around the corner
And cry all my woe

What with no roads to the distant
And none nearer to the heart
With no itch to stay
And no ache to go
I ask
Oh wanderer from nowhere
Where are the Gods to whom
You bow


Muralidharan Mudaliar

in every way, in every deed, at every time... some words, rise and describe.. something, deep and clear.. sometimes, i follow, sometimes i linger.. sometimes i write.. and what is lost i do not mourn, what i have i do cherish.. and some i do want to share

Last updated January 20, 2012