In the Blaze..

by Muralidharan Mudaliar

In the Blaze..

In the blaze of the flame
What the fire,

What the cinder
What the desire ?

Did the cinder
Consummate the fire
Or the fire the cinder
Who burned
Who got burnt
Did the desire
To burn
Die in the fire

In the blaze
What the wise
What the mice
The Thandav
Echoes in every guise
Against that mighty invitation
What the pure
What the mire
The holy flame beckons
To blaze to burn
And die
In any disguise..

Muralidharan Mudaliar

in every way, in every deed, at every time... some words, rise and describe.. something, deep and clear.. sometimes, i follow, sometimes i linger.. sometimes i write.. and what is lost i do not mourn, what i have i do cherish.. and some i do want to share

Last updated January 19, 2012