Apollo the great

Who showered the creative jewels down on earth,
The lyrics, Tunes, melodies, songs and notes,
spreading the hypnotic,
Trance to human life,
Apollo the God of Music.
Who switched the largest lamp of the world,
The sun to engulf the whole planet with pure
Luminosity so darkness can meet its match,
Apollo the God of Light.
Who foretold the future,
The world’s catastrophes, natural disasters,
Plagues of doom unleashed,
Ancient mysticism maybe,
Or the omniscient All Seeing Eye,
Apollo the God of prophecy.
Who invented natural medicine,
Cures, remedies to combat ill health,
Eliminate suffering and pain,
To make the weak strong again,
Only on one place, earth
Apollo the god of healing.

Neelam Shah

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I love creative writing (poetry, short stories etc.) as well as factual writing i.e. writing essays, articles, reviews etc. I have had over 50 poems & articles in published young writers anthologies, magazines, word press and online journals and won many creative writing awards., I want to pursue a career in Science Journalism., I also like watching documentaries daily., Reading is also a great hobby of mine; I read any books ranging from any subjects, I enjoy visiting museums, exhibitions, galleries, traveling, camping, gardening and blogging online., I also have a strong interest in architectural/nature photography., I do take a great joy and pride in volunteering in the community as well.

Last updated August 12, 2011