The Soundless Ocean

It's a soundless ocean.
Little balls of faint light wave and move inside.
A circular passage exists, which leads to another revealation.
Each year passes like a second in this space,
Every moment is useless here.
From time to time, only darkness, someone's flute plays a music, and throws down to the underlying creation.
The unending sea where universes form, and break apart.


Tanmoy Acharjee's picture

To start to tell about myself, I must begin with my dislike for schools, and my love for creativity and freedom. Everything else is just a little less than superfluous. Being a nonconformist, my life has always been a challenging one.Things become really tough if one just demands reasons and answers before one agrees to accept an idea. Most people gladly do it, but I have a problem., I love cats. Especially the sweet ones., I have always been very casual about my career; the reason being that you need a good degree to have a career. But I got other talents to fully compensate that: I am a creative painter. Though I am at my initial stage to become an established painter, I believe I am making good progress at my own pace. Here is a link to my early paintings. I am a big fan of Claude Monet, and Francis Bacon., So, this wraps up somewhat the question of who is me. God bless everyone.

Last updated September 02, 2011