"Flight to the Moon"

by Nina Gabriel

Every night I spread my wings and take my flight to the Moon,
Music of the spheres keeps me company,
The bright stars guide my way,
And when I come back in the morning,
Beautiful rays of the Sun greet me here on Earth,
My flights have not always been pleasant,
I burned my wings at times when the Moon was full,
And my lessons were not learned, as yet.
But, as the night sky touched the Earth, I tried again and again,
Only to experience better journeys as I pushed myself higher and higher into the sky,
Thus touching the Moon, and learning to fly better than before.
At times I heard the voices of Angels, speaking to me in their only language,
The language of Love, Harmony and Peace.
I listened carefully to the invisible guides and teachers, to guide my way,
And I learned the secrets of wizards and healers,
But I also knew that I am to bring these gifts to Earth, to share them with you,
So I may touch your souls and heal your bodies uplifting your spirits,
Creating beauty all around you and me.
And then, one day you will spread your own wings and fly high as you may.
It is beautiful out there, don’t be afraid, just spread your wings and fly.
The stars will guide your way, and the music of the spheres will play to keep you company,
The Moon will be there for you to land, and the Sun will greet you on your flight back to Earth.
But remember always to come back here and share your gifts as well,
Because you will only find Love and Peace through sharing and creating your own Harmony here on Earth and in your Heart where it all began.

Nina Gabriel

Nina Gabriel

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I am an artist, poet, writer. To learn about my work please visit my website: www.ninagabriel.worldpress.com

Last updated January 31, 2012