Awaiting The Captain's Call

by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

God of heights! Behold me from Thy pinnacle,
Thy son, unafraid! Oh, let the lightning
Of Thy wrath play its havoc!
I shall exult in its work.
Oh, let the sun of Thy smile descend
As healing fluid through the rain;
I shall exult in its work.
Oh, God of heights! Let my voice arise
Like the murmur of the earths and suns,
As they strum the universe!
I would make Thee no word; I would labor
With sure hands, laying upon Thy blade
The keen edge of justice.
Let man be upon his puny praying.
I would step from sea to sea, lifting my head
Up past the North Star.
I would drink from out the pool of Eternity
The abyss of space! I would know Thee as limitless.
I would know Thee by Thy might,
And by Thy tenderness.
Behold me, Thy son-unafraid. Command!

Last updated January 14, 2019