I'd Sing

by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

I'd sing. Wearied word adropped
By weary ones, and broken mold
Afashioned out by wearied hands;
A falter-song sung through tears o' wearied one;
A fancied put o' earth's fair scene,
Afallen at awry o' weariness.
Love's task unfinished, aye,
O'ertaken by sore weariness-
O' thee Id sing.
Aye, and put me such an songed-note,
That earth, aye, and heaven should hear!
And thou, aye all o' ye, the soul-songs
O' my brothers, be afinished
At the closing o' my song.
Aye, and wearied, aye, and wearied, Id sing
I'd sing for them, the loved o' Him,
And brothers o' thee and me. Amen.

Last updated January 14, 2019