On The Character Of God

by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

The God which I announce unto my heart
Is a proud God. His pride is shown in the
Perfection of His labor. Lo, His labor is
A testimony for His kingship, and
His kingship a testimony for His labor.
I can believe in man no further than I
Believe in God, for if my limitation
Is marked upon my soul, in the measure
In which it may take in God,
There is the limitation marked,
Which prohibits my understanding man!
My understanding is just as deep as my
Belief in God! If it is unassailable,
Then is my understanding so deep,
That each day is a mystery no deeper
Than clear water. For if I take in
The fullness of the God I would announce
Unto my soul, then is my understanding
Quickened. If I admit in man a fallacy
Which is inexcusable, I have admitted that
Upon my God, for Man is God's confidence
Unto man! In man's creation, He has writ
His trust, for He hath left every man to fashion
The bottom for his own soul. That thing
He hath left undone, and it is man's labor.

Last updated January 14, 2019