The Sign Of The Star

by Patience Worth

Patience Worth

Where is the star that shone at eve
O'er the hut of my youth?
That beamed the heavens down, that I
Might ride its silver to unknown heights!
Where is the star?
Where is the star that beamed
In the early dawn, set like a pure white maid
In fleecy robe of morning cloud,
That beckoned me through the day'
And when she fled, where, where had she gone?
Forever, forever she was there, beckoning,
Beckoning e'en in the sunlit sky!
Where is the star that set high in the midnight sky?
That watched like the eye of God the realms,
That shone in pulsing, living flame,
Beckoning, beckoning-where is the star?
Where is the star that hid beneath some
Silver rimmed cloud, riding the cloud-waves,
Bidding me on, on, on? Where is the star
That hung o'er the sea, and sent me sailing out
To seek its deep reflection there?
Shining, shining like a spill of gold
Upon the sea's white breast?-Where is the star?
Aye, where are they all? Up, up,
Up on high, pointing, pointing-
'Tis the sign of Him to me!

Last updated January 14, 2019